Low-poly pop culture

"You gotta catch them all..."


As most of the 90s kids I remember waking up every Saturday really early to watch all the cool shows like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Pokemons and so on. And obviously at the evening there were always The Simpsons and Friends. Don't take me wrong, but even though I like Big Bang theory as any other man, it will never achieve the status of a legendary show as these 90s Tv shows. So these are deeply stuck in my heart and because of that I feel a bit nerd-ish. And so when I saw on 9gag this post where the author made characters from these Tv shows as minimalistic Lego figures it got me inspired to do something similar. I focused on the minimalism that has been captured in those Lego figures and applied it to things I like (apart from Lego. I love Lego too, but I wasn't gonna do the same thing as this guy did...), low-poly graphic. I've used semi-transparent triangles to capture the most important features of each character in a way that it makes it recognizable with the lowest amount of triangles (details) used. I think I've managed that for all the characters. Maybe except for the Emperor from Star Wars...