Laura Haddock

How not to live your life


Laura is one of the prettiest actresses I know. There is just something about her eyes and smile that makes me melt everytime I see her. (The fact that she appeared fully nude in the tv show Da Vinci's demons have absolutely nothing to do with it! :-) I've first noticed Laura Haddock when I saw her in the TV show How not to live your life and I've immediately thought to myself that I'd like to try paint her. So I've decided to give it a go and try to paint a portrait of her. I wanted to do it only as a quick sketch, not to spend two weeks on it, that's why I've used quite big and rough brushes and haven't done it too detailed. And I think for what it is, a quick sketch, it looks better than I expected. Obviously not as good as the model, but still acceptable...