I am Kuba I think...

Hi, I'm Kuba, a 29 years old guy who loves working on anything creative. I think I'm friendly, cheerful, and hopefully funny and easy going. At high school I attended a graphic course where I learned about old printing techniques, perspective, colouring techniques and so on. Then I discovered this miraculous thing called Photoshop.

After a few attempts, I realized that working with Photoshop excites me more than anything else. Once I got a bit better I've learned other programs such as Illustrator, InDesign and ventured also into After Effects. At some point I've also tried Google Sketchup, which was quite fun as well. I was emplyed for some time but I feel like I should follow my dream and be a freelancer. I love the variety of projects you can encounter while working for many clients from different fields. I love playing with HTML and CSS and I am hoping to learn javascript or jQuery soon too. It's fun to create something out of nothing that is actually functional .)

So if you want to know more about my education and the other boring stuff HR people usually want to know, you can check my CV, either in Czech or English.

e-mail: jakubnavratil1331@gmail.com
phone: +420 721 365 435
facebook: my facebook profile
instagram: my instagram portfolio full of design, food and weird stuff