Weather app concept

Minimalistic apps ftw!


Before you read any further, I have to warn you, that this isn't exactly how the app looks. It was all fine but then, for some unknown reason, when I've made it into an animated gif, it compressed the quality I guess and cropped some of the white lines. So, in reality, there is a thin horizontal white line between each color segment, not just three or four of them randomly... I'll have to figure it out soon. But anyway, this is my idea of a weather app which I've came up with last year. I like minimalistic apps, but sometimes they seem really colorless. So in this design I've tried to maintain minimalistic design and yet include some colors to liven it up. And I'm also not very happy with the animation because I did it in Photoshop before I knew how to work with After Effects and so it looks a bit wonky...