Even Da Vinci was vain enough to paint a selfie, so why shouldn't I...? :)


This is me. And since this is about me, I should probably mention what I like. I love learning new languages. Two years ago I've started with Spanish and recently I've added Swedish. And HTML, which is also a language. Kinda. I love spending my time with my friends. I mean, I can entertain myself while I'm alone, but I can enjoy everything much more when I'm sharing the joy with people I like. I also love snowboarding, reading books and watching movies (although recently I feel like I can't pay attention for two hours anymore so I've switched to shorter tv shows instead). I also like to cook and try new cuisines. And I also love Prague. It's the most beautiful city in the world. And that's a fact :-) If you want to know more boring stuff about me, like my education and so on, you can check my CV, either in Czech or English.